Thanks for showing interest of advertising on Bleaq. People like you keep the blog running and I’m very grateful for that! Read on for all the information regarding advertising.

Who can advertise on Bleaq?
Bleaq focusses on dark, melancholic art. Advertisements should fit that category, both for the enjoyment of the visitors and the fact that you want people to notice you :)

Examples of advertisers are: galleries (either for the gallery or a certain exhibition), artists, artist’s shops, jewelry and fashion designers, art publications, blogs, etc.

Feel free to get in touch to inform whether your brand is a good fit for Bleaq.

Why would I advertise on Bleaq?
Bleaq has a strong, loyal following. Statistics show many visitors return to the website on a regular base, and interact with the website on various social media platforms. Visitors come from all over the word, the top 5 countries listed are: The United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany and France. If you want to know more about demography or statistics e-mail me at bleaqblog [at]

Where would my ad be displayed?
Your ad will be displayed in the sidebar on all pages. Next to that there will be a shout-out to you with your URL and (optional) Twitter user name on Bleaq’s Twitter account.

What should my advertisement look like?
There are currently two sizes available for the advertisements:

  • Regular: 300×300 px
  • Large: 300×420 px


How should my ad look?
It’s suggested you include your brand-name and/or logo, and URL in the graphic. The rest is up to you! The Bleaq readers enjoy minimalistic, strong advertisements, hope that helps :) Since Bleaq is a website for all ages images that can be considered offensive or NSFW can’t be accepted.

I don’t know how to design an advertisement. Can you help?
Yes! Please get in touch with me at bleaqblog [at]

What are the costs of advertising?
The current fees for the advertisements are:

  • Regular (300×300 px): € 45,00 a month.
  • Large (300×420 x): € 60,00 a month.

All advertisements run for a month.

What methods of payment do you accepts?
All payments are through PayPal.

I’m an artists and would love to pay for a write-up. Is that possible?
Unfortunately it isn’t. Curation is the most important part of Bleaq, and by only manually selecting artist we keep an eye on the quality and consistency of the features. Feel free to submit your work though, if I like it you might get featured for free! :)

Can I send you a product?
Please send me a message at bleaqblog [at]

How does advertising work?
It’s fairly simple! Either you get in touch with me through bleaqblog [at] and I tell you what to do next or you follow the steps described in the next question.

What do I need to do to start advertising?
Send the following to bleaqblog [at]

  • The graphic you’d like to use for the advertisement. Make sure the measurements are like the ones mentioned above. The file format should be JPG.
  • The link you want your advert to direct to.
  • Your Twitter username for a shout-out on Twitter.
  • Your Paypal address.

Please note that Bleaq has the authority to decline advertisers that do not fit the general aesthetics of the website.