Spotlight 26: Daria Endresen on her Nordic inspired jewelry line Thrjár

Earlier this year I featured the dark, digital work by Norwegian artist Daria Endresen. Ever since Daria hasn’t been idle: she launched a stunning, Nordic inspired, jewelry line called Thrjár. I was curious to learn more about her new endeavors and asked her if she wanted to share some insights on the brand with you. Next to that Daria also treated us on photos from a brand-new lookbook I’m sure you’ll love. Enjoy!

Bleaq: Hi! Could you introduce yourself and your work shortly?
My name is Daria Endresen, I am a digital artist, photographer and jewelry designer, based in Oslo, Norway.

Many might know you from your digital illustrations and photography. You now added another skill to your portfolio: you launched a jewelry line called Thrjár. It seems to me that jewelry making requires quite a different skill set compared to your other work: can you share what got you into jewelry making? Is it hard to practice these new skills?
I used to work in a cosy jewelry store some years ago and I happened to stay in touch with my former boss after I moved on to other job – it was he who gave me the idea to try and design something. It’s true I don’t have any prior experience in the field but I am an avid jewelry collector and I’ve always wanted to possess some special pieces that I couldn’t find anywhere else – so basically I got a chance to bring my own designs to life and see if other people liked them. I was lucky to have my former boss as my guide, both in technical and business-related questions, and yes, I had to learn a lot on the fly – but in the end it’s been the most rewarding experience, and I am immensely happy to see Thrjár gaining popularity and people willing to support my efforts.

Thrjár is inspired, just as you are, by everything Norse. Can you tell me a bit more about this fascination?
I grew up on Scandinavian myths and later on my interest shifted to history and linguistics – I possess a lot of books on the matter, and enjoy gathering new findings on the subject.

My first collection ErilaR is based on runes – for me it’s a huge source of inspiration. I am intrigued by their uniqueness, together with their undiscovered mysteries: there are still so many things we don’t know or can only guess based on the little information we have. I suppose a passionate runologist hides somewhere inside of me :)

Speaking of Norway, it’s my homeland, not only on paper but also in spirit – every time I’m in the wild, I feel an incredible sense of belonging and it’s so easy to get inspired by everything I see around me, be it tall snow covered mountains or deep blue fjords or woods in the fog. I consider myself lucky to be a tiny part of it and to be able to express my affection for it in my personal creations.

What is your favorite piece from your first collection and why?
I guess I would say Fé pendant – it was the first piece I sketched: for me it signifies the beginning of Thrjár, and also carries a deeper personal meaning. Coincidentally it’s also one of my most popular designs – I guess people feel that it was created with a lot of love and inspiration.

The line has been a great success so far: are you already working on new pieces to add to the line?
I am indeed! I haven’t decided yet if the new pieces are going to be a part of a new mini-collection or if they may be added to the existing one, but I am very much looking forward to seeing the end result, hopefully this autumn.

If you could choose one artist for a collaboration (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Oh, there are so many wonderful artists out there, and even more of those who are not around anymore but whose legacy lives on. I’d go for Albrecht Durer or Hans Memling – don’t see how I could collaborate with them, as I’m just a spec of dust in comparison to their enormous talent, but well, even getting a chance to see them work or have a talk over whatever they used to drink back then would be something to die for.

What’s the best museum or gallery exhibition you ever been to, and why did you pick this one?
From the recent ones it’s probably Fantastique! at Petit Palais in Paris – an amazing collection of engravings and lithographs by Goya, Dore, Durer, to name a few. I really enjoyed it because it encompasses everything I love – the macabre and the beautiful, dark landscapes and mythical beasts, surreal dreams and nightmares – the triumph of the black! It’s still ongoing if I’m not mistaken, so I would highly recommend visiting it.

With social communities like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest around it’s almost impossible to not have an internet presence. How important is the internet for you as an artist?
In my opinion it plays a crucial role nowadays – it’s a huge source of information, provided pretty much for free, and also the easiest way to spread the word about your work (or business), and I honestly cannot imagine how I would manage without it. I don’t use Facebook as much lately – the audience reach restrictions which are lifted only when you’re willing to pay, severely damaged it – my followers don’t see my posts and I in turn don’t get updates from the artists I follow, it practically negates all reasons to be there. So for now I dedicate most of my time to Instagram – at least for now it seems to be working just fine, both ways.

Last but not least: can you recommend a book, movie or artist you’ve enjoyed lately?
I am currently reading “Norwegian runes and runic inscriptions” by Terje Spurkland – a very nice and objective review, with lots of interesting examples, illustrations and different points of view, developed through the past centuries. If you’re into runes (and not in the esoteric but scientific kind of way), this book is for you!

As for the movies, I loved “The Witch” – most likely it doesn’t need any introduction by now, as it’s been hype since its release, and a very well deserved one imho.

Finally, the artist I’ve been following closely as of late and would like to mention is Nicole Mahlimae – her work is so beautiful and touching, it’s simply impossible not to be moved by it.

Thank you very much for the interview, it’s been a pleasure!

A warm thank you goes out for Daria for sharing her insights on Thrjár, I loved learning more about this wonderful project. You can buy Thrjár pieces in the shop and follow the brand on Instagram for updates on new pieces. Have a lovely weekend!


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