Analog portraits of invisible people by Jordanna Kalman

Jordanna Kalman is a photographer living and working in New York. The photos you can see below are from her latest series, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Invisible’. The series, portraying invisible people, have a wonderful, dreamy vibe. In a way these images remind me of our current society: the lack of connection between people, and feeling invisible and alone in giant cities filled with others. Jordanna work with film only and is a longtime Polaroid fan. The soft color schemes and focus of the film suits the portraits perfectly, making her photos not simple portraits but portraits of modern-day ghosts.

You can find more of Jordanna’s work on her website and Tumblr blog. Enjoy!

[ All images have been removed by request of the artist ]

Thanks for reading! What do you think of Jordanna’s work?

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