Everyday is Halloween: a curated wishlist

It all starts early October: the feeds of my overseas friends on Instagram are starting to show the wonderful decorations they’re buying for Halloween. The thought of getting dressed up and decorating your house with all kinds of spooky embellishments is a no-brainer for me, unfortunately that memo didn’t really land in Europe yet. Although there’s more Halloween stuff in the shops every year, the level of tackiness is high and I almost never see something I like. Fortunately there’s a plan B: the internet. I’ve created a wishlist for Halloween at Society6 and thought I share some of the items with your today. Oh and I promise I won’t tell if you buy these things and use ‘em ‘till after October 31, Everyday is Halloween right? ;) Enjoy!

1. Ghosts! by Abigail Larson
2. Mr. Poe by Audrey Benjaminsen

3. Three Eyed Sun by Audrey Benjaminsen
4. The Man in the Moon by Audrey Benjaminsen

5. Homecoming by Lenka Simeckova
6. The Witch House by Lenka Simeckova

7. Bones by Deborah Ballinger Illustration
8. Abney Park / 02 by Diannetanner

9. Blood Moon by Megan Lara
10. Vintage Bat by Vintage Avenue

11. Trick ‘r Treat by LOll3
12. werewolfs by Teagan White

13. Wow! Ghosts! by Josh Ln
14. Wow! Mummies! by Josh Ln

15. You are never alone by The Art Of Sandra Hultsved
16. Cute Skull by Sarinya Withaya

17. Witchcraft by LordofMasks
18. Family Portrait of the Passed by Jon MacNair

Thanks for reading! How are you decorating your home for Halloween?


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