Announcement: The Bleaq Newsletter is here!

As some of you might have already noticed (hello subscribers!) there’s been a small subscribe-field in the sidebar the last few weeks. After a silent start it’s now time to get the word out: the Bleaq newsletter is here!

Hello newsletter!

The idea of the newsletter is very simple: every other week I’ll send you an e-mail with the latest features from the blog and creative links I love and want to share. That’s it. The first issue will be sent this week!

I’d love it of you join! All you need to enter is your e-mail address. Of course you can unsubscribe anytime:

Bye Bye round-ups

Last year I started to post monthly round-ups. I thought it would make more sense to share the latest updates and fun links directly with you instead of on here, that’s why from now on the round-ups will be integrated in the newsletter. Of course I won’t stop sharing fun stuff on social media, you can find links to all Bleaq’s account in the sidebar.

Thanks for reading, I’d love to welcome you to the newsletter! If you have feedback concerning the frequency or content of the newsletter please let me know in the comments.

Image source: Broken Letters by Zeitfaenger on Flickr Creative Commons


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