Sunday Special 1: Black & white pillows

What? A new Bleaq post? On Sunday? Yes! I love browsing blogs on lazy Sundays, and thought it would be nice to share something extra on Sunday every now and then. In these ‘Sunday Specials’ I’ll create a themed selection of art, ranging from wonderful prints to edgy Etsy shops, from wonderfully dark clothing labels to haunting home decor. Today I’m starting with a selection from Society 6, one of my favorite online art shops.

The main reason why I like Society 6 is that the products are well made and look beautiful. Next to that I like that there’s a big range of art available, making it easy to find something truly unique and to your like. Last but not least: you support an artist you admire! I’ve been browsing the website for some new pillows lately, sticking to my favorite color palette: black and white. Below you’ll find my current top 10!

1. Abstract XV by Morenina.
2. Abstract IV by Morenina.

3. Black Leak by Danielle Fedorshik.
4. Asphalt Galaxy by Danielle Fedorshik.

5. Space Within by Ruben Ireland.
6. The Mound II by Ruben Ireland.

7. Eclipse by Morenina.
8. fesdghjkl; by Jesse Draxler.

9. Abstract XVII by Morenina.
10. Abstract XVI by Morenina.

Hope you enjoyed my selection, see you tomorrow with a new artist feature. Happy Sunday!

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