Round-up November 2014

With Christmas decorations popping up everywhere it’s not hard to notice December is just around the corner. I love the cold, short days of December: it’s always such an odd month due to its holidays. As an early Christmas present I collected tons of great links and music for you this month, so sit back and enjoy :)

This month on Bleaq

Lovely Links

  • omgliterallydead is the best thing I found on Instagram ever. It’s parodies on quirky white girls’ Instagram feeds is hilarious.

– OMGLiterallyDead

– Never Alone trailer

Favorite tunes

Is there anything better than being at home on a cold winter night, filling your house with candles and playing your favorite records? Don’t think so! This is what I’ve been listening to lately.

Darkher just released her first ep, The Kingdom Field, and it’s majestic. It’s dark and spooky, my only remark it it’s just four songs ;) Recommended if you enjoy Chelsea Wolfe.

When I wasn’t playing Darkher this month I was probably listening to the new album by The Birthday Massacre, Superstition. Although poppier than their early work I love it, you will too if you enjoyed ‘Hide and Seek’. Favorite song: ‘Diaries’! Recommended if you like fun, poppy rock music with an edge.

Last but not least I’d like to recommend Then It All Came Down by Wrekmeister Harmonies. You can listen to the album on Spotify. With its superb mix of dark ambient, drone and doom this is a perfect record for December. Recommended if you won’t mind feeling depressed after listening to a record ;)

That’s all for today! I wish you all a lovely sunday and will see you tomorrow for another great artist feature.

Header image via Unsplash. Photo by Roland Batke-Mutschler.


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