Dark and emotional portraits by Manuel Estheim

It’s a skill to take a good portrait. You have to be able to explain to your model what you want to portray, and how you want them to act. Then you have to gain their trust to let them open themselves up to you and get what you want out of the photo. It’s a whole different skill to be able to make a good self portrait. Most of the time is more a technical challenge: it’s just you and your gear on the site. You have to set everything up, make the shot and hope it turned out the way you planned it to. With that knowledge you can imagine how rare it is to own both skills! To succeed in both skills and be able to keep your own style signature takes years of practice or just one simple thing: talent. Considering the young age of today’s featured photographer Manuel Estheim it’s the latter. Manuel is a from Linz, Austria, and already has an impressive portfolio. His portraits are dark and melancholic, and show raw emotions and feelings. I like how Manuel’s is exploring his own creativity within the field of photography lately, he is exploring new styles and techniques without losing his personal style and aesthetic. Enjoy!

Manuel Estheim website

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Thanks for reading! What do you think of Manuel’s work? Manuel recently started a 365-days project, you can see his progress on his dedicated Tumblr blog.

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