Month review: April 2014

Wow, April really flew by. I’ve been very busy with all sorts of things (Bleaq being one of them, a weekend off with friends being another one) and it’s weird that May is already here. But not before we end April with a wrap-up, enjoy!

This month on Bleaq

Question for you!

While editing an artist feature last month I was wondering: would you like a ‘not safe for work’-warning in the title of a post when the images in the article contain nudity? I wouldn’t like to bring you into awkward situations at work you know… ;)

Lovely links

– Some ‘All Hollow’ covers; aren’t they stunning? [source]

Current obsession

It’s that time of the year again: spring. Which means I get creative itches. I always need a little push to actually go and make something instead of just wasting another evening on Pinterest (sorry Pinterest!) and I found two great inspirational sources you’d might appreciate too.

First of all: ‘Steal like an artist’ by Austin Kleon. You must have seen this book lying around somewhere, it’s a big hit. And I see why after reading: although it didn’t teach me anything new it was a good push to get me motivated. It’s a short read, so if you’re feeling a bit down and need your ass kicked: check it out. The follow-up, ‘Share your work!’ is a good read if you’re insecure about sharing your art online.

– Teaser from ‘Show your work’ [source]

The second inspirational source I’d like to share with you is the ‘Create & Inspire’-podcast. Remember last month’s feature on Aunia Kahn? Turns out that besides creating awesome art and running a gallery she also takes time to record a podcast every week discussing inspiration and art. I had a lot of fun listening to the first few episodes while cycling to work (don’t worry about safety here, I’m Dutch, we can multitask while cycling :P). The episodes are filled with tips and quotes, and I’m curious to see what Aunia has in store for us in the upcoming episodes. You can listen to the podcast on the Create & Inspire website, or find them in iTunes.

Final obsession: I finally started reading ‘House of Leaves’ by Mark Danielewski. It’s been on my bookshelf forever, and since I only hear raving reviews about the book I finally started reading last month. I’m halfway through now and it’s starting to freak me out a bit, curious to see what’s still in store for me… For some insights by Mark on this book you can read this interview on the Random House website. Have you read House of Leaves?

Coming up…

Like I told you earlier I’ve been quite busy with the blog the last month, and I think I can soon share some awesome features, articles and interviews with you! Besides that I got an inbox filled with submissions I really need to check out, look forward to that as well. If your thinking about submitting your art feel free to do so, you can find out more here.

Thanks for reading! Do you have anything to add? I’m curious to hear how you feel about the nudity marking, please let me know in the comments! Hope you all have a lovely day, and I’ll see you again friday with a brand-new artist feature.

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