Vintage inspired anatomical drawings with a twist by Andy van Dinh

I love vintage anatomical drawings. The detail and complexity of human and animal body parts, or the delicate details of plants and flowers: it’s gorgeous to see those transformed to soft pencil drawings. At first glance the illustrations of Canadian artist Andy van Dinh are just like these anatomical drawings we all know so well. Yet when you take another look you’ll be in for a surprise! By adding modern elements such as tattoos or digital distortion Andy alienates his illustrations and gives them an unique appeal. I enjoy how he plays with these classic images – it’s fun to see them transformed into something unexpected and fun, without loosing the delicacy that make the vintage pieces so appealing in the first place. Enjoy!

Andy van Dinh website


andy-van-dinh-01andy-van-dinh-02 andy-van-dinh-19 andy-van-dinh-18 andy-van-dinh-17 andy-van-dinh-16 andy-van-dinh-15 andy-van-dinh-14 andy-van-dinh-13 andy-van-dinh-12 andy-van-dinh-11 andy-van-dinh-10 andy-van-dinh-09 andy-van-dinh-08 andy-van-dinh-07 andy-van-dinh-06 andy-van-dinh-05 andy-van-dinh-04 andy-van-dinh-03
Thanks for reading! What do you think of Andy’s work?

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