Six dark Etsy shops you might like is one of my favourite places on the internet. For those of you who have never heard of Etsy: Etsy is a marketplace where artists can sell their stuff directly to you – their fans. Thousands of talented artists are just waiting to be discovered (and some less talented too, check if you want to have a laugh!) and I thought I might help you a bit by selecting six Etsy shops you might like. Enjoy!


Sacred Stitches

Sacred Stitches is the web-shop of Anna Wenger and Simon Cordell. The shop is filled with handmade tattoo inspired shirts and accessories. Oh and you never knew you needed it ‘till now: your couch screams for zombie-pillows!

Sacred Stitches @ Etsy

Aberrant Affixments

Aberrant Affixments sells ‘macabre paper goods and curiosities’. Their tins and vials are really cute!

Aberrant Affixments @ Etsy

Marco Suarez

Marco Suarez shop is filled with wonderfully bleak landscapes to put on your wall.

Marco Suarez @ Etsy


Well, about BloodMilk… Where to start? I think BloodMilk’s jewellery is just stunning – the pieces are extremely detailed and all have this withered feel over ‘em which fits the design perfectly.

BloodMilk @ Etsy


Kteis specialises in gothic style silk scarves, clothing and photography. I think Kteis’  scarves are amazing, they have this great eighties-Siouxie-goth-feel about ‘em. The ‘Arachne Spider Scarves’ are too cute!

Kteis @ Etsy

Graham Franciose

Illustrator Graham Franciose sells signed and numbered limited edition prints of his work in his shop.

Graham Franciose @ Etsy


Well, that’s it, hope this helped you a bit. Happy shopping!


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