Maya Kulenovic

While researching Canadian based artist Maya Kulenovic for this article I found this snippet on her website in which she very accurately describes her work and vision:

My aesthetics and sensibility come from classical art. I have always been drawn towards the dramatic, epic feeling of classical art and mythology rather than the more contemporary imagery or narrative. My images have a classical feel to them, because this is the way my hand and eye work. But in many regards they are neither classical nor representational. A painting starts as a real image, but as I paint, the image I see is not only the figurative element, rather, it is the relationship of light and shadow, bright and dark areas of the canvas, and an often uneasy balance of these elements as they push each other and struggle over the areas in between. Light is in a conflict with shadow, yet they define each other, together they bring into existence the figurative image underneath, but at the same time they threaten its integrity. I see shadows as both protective and suffocating, and light as redemptive and obliterating. This balance between light, shadow, and the fragile reality in between is what the psychology of these images is built upon;  the expressions and particularities of the faces are secondary.

More thoughts about her own work, interviews and of course images can be found on Maya’s website.













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