Happy birthday Dita von Teese: Dita inspired fan-art

It’s the 28th of September: Dita Von Teese’s birthday! Dita’s sophisticated and super stylish looks have been an inspiration for me for years – and I’m not the only one! The internet is filled with beautiful fan art inspired by her classic signature look. To celebrate Dita’s birthday I selected these twenty amazing fan tributes. Have a lovely Dita-day and of course: happy birthday to Dita Von Teese herself.


By Bruno Hamzagic


By OriginalNick


By Rose Lovering


By Ebenholz


By Anneka Tran


By misstell


By Nic Jones


By Camille Allison Campita


By Alexandra Ligethy


By Wolfgang Kath


By Marguerite Sauvage


By Crystal Paloma


By Olga Martín


By Marti 767


By Hozkar


By Annie Moore


By Hilary Jane


By TheSIGNer


By MetGod


And last but not least… A Dita Von Teese My Little Pony!

By Samantha Claridge

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