Favourite Blogs Part I: Haute Macabre

Ah, blogs: I love thee. I think I can say I’m addicted: I’ve got quite a list of blogs in my RSS feed. There are many, many blogs on the internet, most of them not worth reading. Fortunately there are many blogs that are worth it, and I though it would be nice to take you through a few of my favourites in the coming weeks. Today part I: Haute Macabre.

Haute Macabre is a fashion blog with the best tag line ever: It Wasn’t Just A Phase. Haute Macabre is fashion for the grown-up goth, and publishes new articles a few times a week. Their ‘Haute Lists’ are amazing: gorgeous affordable fashion items that will fit in every dark fashion fan’s closet.

Curious? Check it out: Haute Macabre

Enjoy Haute Macabre! What’s your favourite blog?

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