Bleaq is live! Welcome!

Yay, Bleaq is live! I thought it would be nice to make a little introduction post, to quickly sum up what you can expect and where you can find Bleaq online.

Starting with the most important thing: what is Bleaq? Bleaq is a collection of visual inspiration focussing on the melancholic and bleak side of art, illustration, design and photography. Yup, the dark side! *wink*

If you want to stay updated on new blog posts you can follow Bleaq on several website. Of course there’s Twitter (@bleaqblog), Facebook ( and BlogLovin. I’ll also keep adding updates to my Tumblr blog (bleaqblog) and Pinterest account (bleaq), you might like those to.

Well, that’s it! Hope you enjoy following my blog as much as I (already) do contributing to it!


(Want to know more about Bleaq? The whole story can be found on the ‘About Bleaq‘-page!)

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