Exhibition preview: Realms of the Unreal at the Gristle Art Gallery

If you find yourself in New York this month you’re in for a treat! Samantha Levin, artist and curator of fantastic dark-themed art shows, is hosting a unique group art exhibition called Realms of the Unreal. For Realms of the Unreal Samantha asked twenty-four visual artists to create an art-piece inspired by the fantasy worlds of Henry Darger, a reclusive American outsider artist. Darger’s traumatic youth inspired him to create a fantasy world in which he could find peace, yet one that also reflected the darkness he encountered in his life. The artists participating in the show have been given the task to explore that enchanting world and interpret Darger’s voice in their own.

“Darger was like so many of us who experience a need to find our ideal world, where we control events, be they dramatic and chaotic, or perfect and tranquil. How many of us have dreamed of alternate realities for ourselves, or looked back in time to explore the ‘what-ifs’ of our lives? Would we have super powers or live on other planets? Every superhero comic or fantasy story embodies this desire to control the uncontrollable and fix the unfixable. – Samantha Levin”

Dates & how to get there
Realms of the Unreal will be hosted in the Gristle Art Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. The exhibition will run from September 12th through October 10th.

Gristle Tattoo + Art Gallery
26 Bushwick Ave
Brooklyn, NY  11211
E-mail: info@gristletattoo.com

The opening reception will take place on September the 12th, from 7 to 9 PM.

Participating artists
Michal Brodka, Steve Cleff, Jeff Faerber, Katelan Foisy, Christina Graf, Kurt Huggins, Seldon Hunt, Jeremy Hush, Max Kahan, Caitlin Karolczak, Robert Kraiza, Tun Myaing, Yuri Leonov, Amber Maykut, Caitlin McCormack, Julianna Menna, Michael Motorcycle, Buddy Nestor, Paul Romano, Matt Rota, Allison Sommers, Nicomi Nix Turner, Kurt Wandelmaier & Zoë Williams.


“Front line of the Glandeco- Angelinian War Storm” by Jeremy Hush
ball point pen and watercolor

“In The Realms of the Unreal, innocence lives in the constant shadow of danger…”
by Jeff Faeber
mixed media on acid free-board

“And The World Swallows Her” by Nicomi Nix Turner
graphite on paper

“Avenging Annie” by Caitlin Karolczak
pastel, metal leaf on paper

“The Vivian Girl Daisy” by Caitlin Karolczak
ink, tempera, pastel on watercolor paper

“Little Lamb” by Zoë Williams
wool felt, mixed media

“Luminous Guardian” by Kurt Wandelmaier
limited edition print on archival paper

“The Unreality” by Yuri Leonov
oil, acrylic and mixed media on canvas

“Good is Prior to Evil” by Michael Motorcycle
oil on linen

“Bandolier (The Protector)” by Caitlin McCormack
crocheted cotton string, glue, antique dress, rusty nails

“Ex Libris” by Michal Brodka
ink on paper

Thank you for reading. You can read more on Realms of the Unreal on Samantha Levin’s website. The pieces of art displayed in the gallery are for sale on the Gristle Art Gallery website.

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