Human vulnerability photographed by Ruben Brulat

One of my guilty pleasures is watching nature documentaries, especially those of the BBC. The amazing wide-angled shots of our beautiful planet narrated by the lovely David Attenborough: is there a better way of spending your evenings? :) When it comes to landscape photography I’m not that easily overwhelmed: it’s hard to capture the immaculate landscapes on film. French photographer Ruben Brulat is an exception, he is a fantastic landscape photographer. His work has a secret though… If you look closely you’ll discover his landscapes are actually portraits of people. I love the vulnerability of humanity in Ruben’s work: by showing them naked, anonymous and almost absorbed by these majestic landscapes you realize how tiny us humans actually are. I hope to see Ruben’s work on a large format in a gallery or museum somewhere soon, I can only imagine how overwhelming these wonderful photographs will look on a large format. Enjoy!

Ruben Brulat website

ruben-brulat-02 ruben-brulat-28 ruben-brulat-27 ruben-brulat-26 ruben-brulat-25 ruben-brulat-24 ruben-brulat-23 ruben-brulat-22 ruben-brulat-21 ruben-brulat-20 ruben-brulat-19 ruben-brulat-18 ruben-brulat-17 ruben-brulat-16 ruben-brulat-15 ruben-brulat-14 ruben-brulat-13 ruben-brulat-12 ruben-brulat-11 ruben-brulat-10 ruben-brulat-09 ruben-brulat-08 ruben-brulat-07 ruben-brulat-06 ruben-brulat-05 ruben-brulat-04 ruben-brulat-03
Thank you for reading! What do you think of Ruben’s work?

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