Blogger Spotlight #1: Renee Ruin on her blog, style and favourite art

My favourite series on Bleaq is the ‘Spotlight’-series. I love introducing you to the work of artists I like (no surprise there!) and feel privileged to ask those artist about their art, vision and life. Since I’m also a major blog-addict (I read up on my favourites multiple times a day!) I thought it might be nice to join those two together and see what would come out of it… And voila, ‘Blogger Spotlight’ was born! In this new series I’ll introduce you to some of my favourite blogs and ask the blogger questions on their website, interests and – of course – favourite art.

I’m super excited about this first chapter in the series, since the featured blogger is a long time favourite! The lady I want to introduce to you today is Renee Ruin from Melbourne, Australia. Renee runs a fashion/lifestyle/inspiration blog at and is one of my daily blog stops :) Renee has great taste and shares gorgeous fashion, jewelry, editorials and interviews with kick-ass women from all over the world. I talked to Renee about her blog, style and favourite art. Enjoy!

Bleaq: Hi Renee! Thanks for taking time to chat with Bleaq :) Can you introduce yourself and your blog shortly?

RR: You’re welcome. Thank you for being interested in what I do! My name is Renee. I’m 33, I’m a constant polar opposite, an obsessed pop culturist and chronic daydreamer. I run the website is a sort of pop culture hub through my eyes. It features fashion, art, music, celebs, interviews, models, style, tattoos and pretty much anything I’m currently obsessing over. I have a particular type of style and varying interests and I think the site really captures that. It’s a blog that’s more focused on things that are a little different and less mainstream.

– Renee Ruin (images from Instagram)

How did you get into blogging? Can you tell about how started out?

RR: I guess it was a little bit of an experiment. I had a Tumblr account for a long time which still does quite well and my current boyfriend at the time had suggested to me that I should start my own site and utilize all the connections and rad things I find and put them on one place. So I built the site and I was actually surprised that people were reading it then things just kept snowballing from there.

Where do you find the inspiration for you blog?

RR: Everywhere to be honest. It’s no secret I’m obsessed with everything. I watch every movie I can, I’m always watching tv shows, reading books and magazines and imp always on the internet reading and researching one way or another. There’s so much amazing stuff out there to find!

I used to do a lot of photography so I’m always looking at things visually and I love when something can elicit an emotion. Art and writing have always been really important to my personal life.  


You work in publishing. Is it hard to combine your everyday work with your website?

RR: Actually I find it works really well. I’m able to keep my focus and ambition by enforcing time curfews on myself. During the day I work on my day job and then at night and on weekends I focus on my night job for me the sense of routine works. will always be a job of passion and I’m often wary about making a full-time job because I fear the passion will take a backseat to the need to pay me rent. My day job enables me to have the money to indulge in a lot of things that would be hard otherwise.

You wrote a poetry book called ‘Wounds’. Can you tell us a bit more about your poetry? 

RR: Poetry is very personal for me. I often write from places deep in my own mind and heart. It’s very confronting sometimes and nerve wracking to have other people read it. I’ve heard a few people say it’s depressing and I guess in its own way it is. ‘Wounds’ is about bloodletting and catharsis. It’s about taking all those moments in your life when you were overcome with pain, suffering, lost and letting them go. Some of the most beautiful moments in life are painful.

– The cover of Renee’s poetry book ‘Wounds’ (currently sold out)

You feature some amazing visual artists on your blog. Can you name three artists you really love and tell us why?

RR: Only three? Ok, this is tough. I would have to say firstly Heather Gabel. Heather and I have forged a sentimental friendship over the years and she inspires me in some ways from her art to the way that she approaches life. Secondly, Julia Deville. Julia’s work was unlike a lot of art and jewelry I had seen before. I fell in love with it instantly. Julia also lives in the same city as me and I think she has really been a role model in the sense that she followed her dream and she really lives it. Photographer Ellen Rogers is a massive favorite. Her work is so ethereal and dark and beautiful. I’m always excited to see the next thing she working on.

– Two images from Renee’s report on the Julia Deville exhibition in Victoria. 

I hope this question isn’t too hard, but can you share some of your favourite articles on your blog? For instance, is there and interview or feature your especially proud of?

RR: Definitely. I’ve done a lot of great interviews I’m really proud of. One of the most important ones to me was with Wes Eisold of American Nightmare/Cold Cave. His lyrics and his writing were very formative in my early 20s. It was awesome to be able to then come to this point. 

But I think what I am most proud of is that I have been able to showcase lots of amazingly talented women from all industries and all walks of life on the site. From rock stars to artists to jewelers to models. It’s really important to me to support other females out there and to give inspiration to the females who are sitting at home dreaming of doing something cool. 


You’re quite active on social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Where can we find you and what are your favourite social media websites?

RR: Haha yes it’s true! I know it’s terrible “uncool” to admit to liking the Internet and social networking but for someone who often prefers the company of no one the Internet is a beautiful place ha. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Bloglovin.

I’m totally addicted to Pinterest. I’m always on the darn thing. When I can I’m always checking out Tumblr. I like seeing what people are into and what’s happening elsewhere.

– Some love for Renee’s super cute dog Bowie, reason enough to look her up in Instagram ;)

Can you share three of your favourite blogs and tell what you like about them?

  • Dirtyflaws – I love this blog. Nikki’s has an awesome eye and I love her style and fashion finds.
  • Gnarlitude – Jen has killer style and always blogs the most effortlessly rad things.
  • Sea of Ghosts – Alicia has a beautiful simplistic black style that I adore. I am always ogling her purchases and she also makes the most gorgeous jewelry.

Last but not least: can you recommend a book, movie or artist you’ve enjoyed lately?

RR: I am one of those dreadful people who has half read books all over my room. The last really good film I watched was Her. That movie is so on point. It made me feel slightly anxious and unnerved and it also had this strange beauty to it. 


Bleaq: Totally agree with Renee there, if you haven’t seen ‘Her’ already you should really do so – it’s a great film. That’s all for today! Thanks to Renee for being kind to answer all my questions, it’s much appreciated! :) If you like Renee’s style make sure to check out or find her on social media. 

I hope you enjoyed this kick-off of the ‘Blogger Spotlight’-series! Are you familiar with Renee’s website? And is there a blog or blogger you’d love to see featured in the series? Let me know! For now: have a lovely weekend and see you on monday with a new artist feature.

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