Mysterious spray-painted portraits by Marco Rea


You might not believe it but the artist I want to introduce to you today uses a technique I’ve never seen before. Say what? Yes, a completely new technique! The artists name is Marco Rea and he creates his pieces by spray-painting over existing billboards, advertorials and magazine covers. The resulting portraits of mysterious, alien-like creatures with piercing pitch black eyes are gorgeous and something I haven’t seen before. If you’re curious to see the original pieces you can take a look at Marco’s website, in the ‘Work in progress’ section you’ll find some great before and after shots. Enjoy!

Marco Rea website






























Thanks for reading! Have you seen this technique before?

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  • These are so breathtaking & haunting, I’ve never seen anything like them either! I love the before & after photos on his website too, it’s so interesting seeing the transformation.
    I just wanted to say thankyou so much for your comment on my blog, I’m so pleased I came across yours through it! I think I’ve spent a good half hour or so going back into your archives, so many amazing artists & photographers & beautiful write ups about them too.
    Also very jealous you got to go to Sedlac Ossuary! It’s on my list of places I need to visit, it looks incredible! :)

    • Ah, thank you so much! Funny that you mention you spend some time browsing my archives, that’s exactly what I did when I found your website! :)

      The Sedlec Ossuary is great indeed, it’s really impressive to stand in the middle of something like that. The church isn’t really a big site, you could easily check it out during a city trip to Prague for instance.

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