The futuristic fashion of Project Runway contestant Elena Slivnyak

After nine seasons it’s still one of my favourite tv-shows: Project Runway. First of all: Tim Gunn. Second of all: every year I’m amazed by how talented the designers on this show are. Yes, there’s a lot of bitching, gossiping and whining, but if you fast-forward those pieces you’ve got a lovely show to watch. This season is Project Runway’s tenth, and even though I’m a few episodes behind it’s already very clear who I’m rooting for. One is Melissa, who I can’t Google since I don’t want to see any spoilers, second is Elena Slivnyak of iimuahii. Iimuahii’s fall/winter collection 2012 is stunning, and these futuristic photos by Juan Zambrano and Stephen Wheeler are total sci-fi eye-candy. Enjoy!

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